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1. Find Project & Due Diligence

Research and monitor property development opportunities and feasibility.

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2. Secure Funding & Site

Finalise investors for project and secure site

buying land for investment

3. Oversee Project to Completion

Acquire any necessary council consent or permits and manage development to completion giving regular updates

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4. Return of Capital & Profits

The project is deemed complete once all outstanding accounts are settled and all contractors have been paid. The profits are then distributed once financing fees, GST or any other relevant costs have been deducted.


How to build your wealth through our quality property development investments.

Our friendly, professional and highly skilled team is intimately involved in each project from the research and feasibility stages, design, planning, building through to sales, leasing and financial investment management.

All our project sites are carefully selected, planned and managed to ensure we can deliver high-quality project outcomes and excellent financial returns to investors.

Byron Creative is committed to developing better value at all project stages as well as developing strong, long-term relationships with those who invest in our projects, based on trust and accountability.

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We have two ways that you can invest with Byron Creative 

1. Byron Creative Fund

2. JV Partnership


What is a Property Development Fund

The most common question we’re asked by clients is ‘what is a Property Development Fund?’ The immediate answer is that it’s a corporate vehicle that gets you into property related investment easily.

Development is the process of adding value to a property by maximising its potential. When we do this, we create profit, and therefore a return that is attractive to investors. 

Byron Creative Fund

The capital you invest is pooled with other investors’ capital to create a Development Fund that gives you easy investment access to an identified large-scale project with the target ROI being unique to each individual project. Our development team oversees the project from start to finish whilst giving all investors involved regular updates. When the project is complete and the final profit is realised your initial capital plus profits are distributed back to you and that Development Fund is closed.

For as little as $50,000**, you can take part in a Byron Creative Property Fund project and gain access to investing in large-scale property developments throughout Australia & New Zealand. And, of course, it follows that the returns can be equally exciting.

Joint Venture Partnership

Simply put, a joint venture is any situation where two or more people combine resources or skills to execute a project. 

We generally use this for shorter time frame projects such as house renovations, one-lot subdivisions or smaller developments that may only require one to two investors. When our team finds a promising development a feasibility will be sent out to all active clients for the opportunity to be involved. These types of projects are generally time sensitive and will require a quick acquisition but have a higher potential ROI.

A joint venture agreement is a structure that is commonly used within the property development industry and when used effectively, can provide significant value for all the parties involved.

How To Invest?

We are an Australian & New Zealand property development company who has been achieving outstanding results for investors. We’re not only good at what we do, we’ve made it simple for you to invest.

Enquire now and we will contact you to discuss how you can become involved in our projects and a part of our clients list.

 Byron Creative currently has a number of exciting residential investments available.

*Minimum investment amounts can vary. Some of our projects are only open to “sophisticated” investors. 

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Byron Creative operates between Australia & New Zealand and offers unique investments through property developments. We pride ourselves on quality and long lasting relationships with our clients and continue to strive to blend innovation with creativity.