Apartment investing

Mei Cowie

Creative Director/ Founder

She is always looking at the bigger picture you’ll usually find her running the numbers or triple checking the interior colour combination. With an eye for detail and a foundation in management her budget keeps everyone on track while her love for design keeps each development fresh and on trend. Having grown up in South Africa yet extensively travelled, her design and flair come from a varied mix of visions, allowing for a unique authenticity to be brought to life.

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Jack Freestone

Managing Director/Founder

If Byron Creative was a vehicle he would be the engine that keeps it running. With a background in sales and finance and a history of successful businesses he doesn’t just think out of the box but steps out of it entirely. With his focus constantly on learning and evolving he paves the road to the bigger and better and pushes the team every day. Organisation and people skills are his strengths, whether it’s overseeing the tradies or talking to clients he extends a sense of comradery with all.

Apartment investing

Dianne Horton

Chief Advisor

Her combination of compassion and drive cements her place in Byron Creative as a key member as well as a mentor. With a positive outlook and organisational skills to match she gets the project done with ease. ‘If it’s not fun then don’t do it” is how she approaches life and this element is felt throughout until the finished product is delivered. With a unique story that lead to self funding her journey into renovations, development and investing she’s now got over a dozen developments up her sleeve. She is a fountain of wisdom and integral to the behind the scenes operations.


Byron Creative operates between Australia & New Zealand and offers unique investments through property developments. We pride ourselves on quality and long lasting relationships with our clients and continue to strive to blend innovation with creativity.